We are happy to share our experience

Your benefit is our competence which we gain from many projects in a industrial environment

  • Software-evaluation

    To introduce a new software is for many companies an adventure. It's almost the first time. For us it's the day-to-day business. Therefore we know exactly the DO's and DON'T's. Some of our competitors make their profit with services which are somewhere hidden in the offer. We are interested in a long-term relationship. We share our experience, the good and the bad ones, already in the sales process.

  • Project Management

    The start of a project is the most important part. Things must be clear for all parties before the installation begins. Often the project management is underestimated and finally the reason for unhappy customers. Good project managers are rare but we have a few.

  • After sales services

    Even after a successful launch you can reach us 7 x 24 hours. We can fix 90% of incidents remotely and immediately.