Quality management effective and efficient

The argument against increasing paperwork

CAQ (Computer-aided Quality Assurance) is a comprehensive quality management system featuring graphic interactive inspection and quality assurance. It makes the live much easier for companies in the medical, the aircraft and the automotive industry. Traceability is consequently implemented. CAQ software audits become a mere formality.


CAQ 5000

CAQ 5000 is a modular computer-aided quality management system, fully integrated with interfaces to 3rd party systems e.g. ERP. A consistent data management avoids double entry of the same data. Measured data are automatically stored and assigned to the appropriate customer order.

A customer or an internal complaint will be registered in the claim management tool. Each corrective actions will be defined in the measure management tool. Tasks will be assigned to the various organisational units by the workflow module.

FMEA (Failure mode an effects analysis) as well as APQP (advanced product quality planning) are standard modules of the system.


Customer's benefit

  • With CAQ 5000 paperwork can be avoided: all performance data are electronically available, no more test sheets that are subject to misplacement. All performance data becomes available at the push of a button.
  • With CAQ 5000 all measuring instruments are under control. No test equipment will be unexpectedly missing due to external calibration.
  • Quinx' CAQ software enables the efficient generation and administration of inspection plans by applying intelligent stamp software, graphic support and the concept of a family inspection plans
  • The CAQ 5000 is a end-to-end system that covers all aspects of quality management.
  • CAQ 5000 is an integrated system with interfaces to ERP/MRP. No double data entry needed.

Special features of CAQ 5000

Data Importer

CAQ 5000 connects all measuring instruments capable of communication including manually operated means, measuring projectors, multi-point measurement or the HELIOPAN from Helios.


Machine tool probing with CAQ 5000

CAQ 5000 can collect simultaneously up to 32 probes. The measuring results can be logically combined.


inprocess measurement
CAQ 5000 and IBB Technology's Twinner

A special software package integrated in the CAQ system enables the graphic interactive measurement of rotationally-symmetrical parts. At the same time form and position measurements such as concentricity or roundness of rotation or workpiece axis are determined. Measurements unthinkable in the past are possible using special measuring macros in connection with the Quinx CAQ system.


CAQ 5000 and the TESA measuring instrument profiles

TESA data of the measuring instrument profiles can be imported by the CAQ software Online and registered in the control chart. The import is done automatically. A data import from any measuring machines is possible via RS-232 and file sharing.


Automatic tool correction in the CAQ 5000

CAQ 5000 connects the fabrication machine directly with the fair computer. Different regulation procedures correct directly the Offsets of the tools. In injury of the radical boundaries, the corresponding tools are corrected directly in the CAQ tool correction storage after different methods.



ERP/MRP interface
  • ABAS
  • Infor
  • Infra
  • Navision
  • ProAlpha
  • SAP/R3
  • SAP Business One
  • etc.


  • measurement equipment management
  • goods inward inspection
  • supplier management
  • part approval process (PPAP, PPF)
  • SPC (statistical process control)
  • measuring data acquisition
  • APQP (advanced product quality planning)
  • FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis )
  • complaints management
  • action management
  • conversion of a drawing in a inspection plan
  • inspection plan management
  • CAPA (corrective and preventive action)


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CAQ 5000