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Just a few of a long list with happy customers. There are Quinx customers from all over the world. Ask for an extended list of references...


"When I get to the machine I simply request the NC f ile directly at the machine control. The Quinx DNC system immediately finds the very latest version of the file and loads it into the control in a very easy, straightforward, way. Quinx has certainly made our system foolproof. Whenever humans are involved there’s the capacity for mistakes to be ma de. But with Quinx everything is automatic. The system automatically updates the latest program , so we only ever use the newest – there’s no chance of loading an old program and breaking a tool or scrapping a part by cutting it incorrectly." Ian Dawson, Technical Centre Technician


Mathys AG

"We were astonished how quickly and easily all machine were connected and everybody enjoyed working with the Quinx software " A. Möri, Head of IT Technology

"It was very important for us that DNC 5000 is FDA compliant." B. Weber, Process Engineering


Kaup GmbH

"If we were to analyse interferences and problems of all software solutions that are being utilized at Kaup GmbH & Co, Quinx DNC would come out on top on all levels including user-friendliness." K. Fritsch,  programming


Stryker Leibinger GmbH

"Quinx DNC is our preferred partner after years because all our operators enjoy working with this software." R. Fichtner, Head of IT Infrastructure


E. Bruderer Maschinenfabrik AG

"With Quinx DNC we have a easy-to use software. We have a variety of type of control and all of them are now connected with Quinx DNC. NC programs are backed up regularly now." M. Fankhauser



Quinx AG realised its first DNC project in Turkey. 40 cnc machines have been connected at Ege Endüstri in Izmir within 4 days only.