Quinx AG factory framework boosts your productivity and improves the quality of your products. It consists of a variety of software modules with a common database. This reduces the number of 3rd party interfaces and guarantees a seamless interaction between the applications.

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    Netcube - Device Server with RS-232 and 8/4 digital IO's 24 VDC

    The NetCube® Web-IO 8/4 is an intelligent device server with 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 2 serial ports. It acquires, process and saves data and transmit them immediately or time delayed to a SQL-databank or a remote client.


    Data sheet: Netcube Device Server


    Netcube Web-IO 84; 2 x RS-232, 1 x Ethernet/WLAN, 8 x digital input, 4 x digital output 24VDC
    Netcube Web-IO 84; 2 x RS-232, 1 x Ethernet/WLAN, 8 x digital input, 4 x digital output 24VDC
First DNC project in Turkey

Quinx AG has its first DNC project implemented in Turkey for Bayraktar Ege Endüstri. 40 CNC machines with different types of control have been connected within 1 week. The customer has now a reliable release management of its nc files and an establised backup process.


MDC 4000 goes web

The MDC 4000 became web-based. You can see the machine status wherever you are becaue the MDC 4000 monitor can be watched on every device which has a browser e.g. mobile, tablet etc. And for the shop-floor a web-based terminal is available. It can be used in combination with a barcode-reader and as an information board.


MDC 4000 for the shopfloor management
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Automated backup of nc files

Edit & store can be installed on a Siemens 840 D powerline or solution line. It makes sure that the modified nc file is stored after closing the editor on the nc control automatically. This brings traceability on a higher level. More...

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    Our solutions are based on 24-hour-operation and never have to be restarted because the system froze. Due to the high availability of solutions a smooth operation process is guaranteed. Quality means to us testing new versions before their delivery to the extent that errorless running can be guaranteed. Many clients have been using our solutions for years and appreciate their reliability and stability.

  • Short introduction phase

    The operation of our ready-made solutions is very simple; a short introduction is sufficient and enables the proper use of the applications. PC users are able to learn how to use these applications quickly, as their design is clear and detailed, enabling the comprehension of the basics at a glance. Important features can be reached with just a few clicks.

  • Return on investment within the first year

    The purchase of our solutions guarantees the return on investment within the first year: your productivity level increases significantly and the improvement of quality is noticeable through your client’s feedback as well as lower costs.

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