The groundwork for a productivity increase

Transparency with manufacturing data collection

The collection of machine and production data is the basic element to increase productivity, to fasten capacity planning and to plan maintenance.The OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is calculated in realtime and show the productivity and the utilisation of the machine as well as the quality performance.



MDC 4000

MDC 4000 is an easy to operate and easy to use network based system. It visualizes on a online portal the actual status of all machines on a shop floor and gathers all information coming from the machine and entered via barcode scanner or terminal. It is the ideal management support tool for the manufactury.


Machine and order monitor:
MDC online monitor

ProVis 5000

ProVis stands for "Production Visualisation". With the MDC ProVis 5000 you have access to all relevant data of the manufacturing process. The MDC ProVis 5000 collects all relevant manufacturing data in real-time and shares it with other systems e.g. ERP, PPS, CAQ, APS etc. With a integrated reporting tool in the MDC ProVis any kind of report can be generated.

Cutomer's benefit

  • Online monitoring of machine status
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) in real-time
  • Optimisation of machine runtime and performance
  • Optimisation of set-up time
  • Forced statistical process control (SPC)
  • Transparent performance measurement


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MDC 4000
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